Top Best Wedding Photographers in Atlanta
Top Best Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

The South region countries are appreciated for their lovely feasts and friendly behavior. Great opportunity for photo lovers to capture the Natural panorama of this world. Atlanta is one of those. Rich in nature sides catching


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Altmix Photography

Altmix is called the specialist of spirited, inventive wedding photography. Matt Altmix is skilled at capturing delight at this time. He has an artistic eye and you will find a new, cool and modern touch in his work. Everything created by Matt Altmix will be perfect and assured with no doubt. Along with these creative, artistic, and modern abilities, Matt Altimx can also create documentary type photography if any client demands.


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Moreland Photography

Mike Moreland was working in the ad industry before turning towards wedding photography. He is an expert fashion photographer. Mike is also an award-winning photographer. He earned Atlanta’s professional’s choice award from the association of certified professional wedding consultants. This appears as no astonishment, but, as his vigorous collection speaks for itself. He has strong a great sense of creating classic wedding photo sessions and imaginative maternity shoots.

Six Hearts Photography

A husband and a wife decided to make a team and start doing wedding photography. They were called Six Hearts Photography which comprises William and Schellie. They both have a solid clutch on excellent illustration. Working with various shades, arrangements, and illumination in their work, Six Hearts possesses a collection that would give anyone laughs. Their wedding photography consists of a natural documentary style.

Authentic Collective

The authentic collection is made by the expert Savannah and Greg. Authentic collection’s work mainly consists of wandering weddings and brides and weddings. The specialty of the authentic collective is the work with emotional-toned photographs and enthusiastic customers revealing true sentiment. Authentic Collective shares many love stories and they have pride in it. In short words, we can say that they are the best wedding photographer in Atlanta.

Antonio Rocha Photography

Antonio Rocha is famous for her documentary style wedding photography in Atlanta. The key to success is that colorful and lively backgrounds are fulfilled in Antonio’s in her work. He focuses on capturing nature and other beautiful images. Antonio Rocha is doing very high-quality work.

Brian + Lindsey Photography

Every photographer has something pure in his/her work. Same here Brian and Lindsey also have an ability of unique work. Their wedding photography is the representation of a great work done by both Brian and Lindsey. They are very talented and every image captured by them has a purity of work. Briand Lindsey mostly captures romance photos and wedding photos.


Molly Weir Photography

Molly Weir’s work is unique, colorful, and frisky spirit. Molly has a creative photojournalist approach in her work. Her vital photos represent rapture in its most true form. She always carries a camera with her to capture every moment of her clients. Her wedding photography collection is unique and beautiful.


Mary Claire Photo + Video

Mary Claire’s work clearly proved that fairy anecdotes and real-life aren’t too divergent. She engages an imperceptibly climactic and up-to-date take on classic wedding photography, companionate love narratives that will survive the test of time. Mary Claire Stewart, AKA MC, is an artist, Whose work is unique and very famous among her clients.

Lauren Rae Photography

Lauren Rae Hatch defines herself as, “a wedding photographer for the adventuresome & romantic. If we take an eye at her work, It clearly shows that she has a deep relationship with the sun, as the flame in her photographs is usually unique. Lauren is doing impressive work. She is an outdoor-minded and excellent photographer in Atlanta.


Grapefruit Photo

Yo is an award-winning and creative photographer in Atlanta. She is also called a “visual storyteller”. Yo is a fast-growing photographer and owner of Grapefruit Photo. Grapefruit Photo’s wedding photogrammetry illuminates vivacious spirit and attraction, and it’s not unusual that The Collection has chosen them for the yearly “Best of Weddings” list. Natural, poetic, and creative, Grapefruit Photography deserves these words.


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