indian Independence Day • Hyderabad • Asaduddin Owaisi
Hyderabad: AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi

Asaduddin Owaisi on Indian Independence Day [2020]

Indian Independence Day is always celebrated on August 15. In 2020, this year, this important day was celebrated with some precautions due to COVID19.
Asaduddin Owais is an Indian Muslim leader. He is President
& Member of Parliament Lok Sabha (Hyderabad Constituency) Barrister-at-Law (Lincolns Inn), England.
He says: “My best wishes to all fellow citizens on
#IndependenceDayIndia2020. May Allah make Watan-e-Aziz free of all oppression, discrimination & tyranny. May the spirit of our freedom movement motivate us to defend India’s pluralism & diversity.”

On his this step, some people are criticizing and commenting that: “See he is playing the same game, better people who follow him choose another leader who represents your true feelings and emotions with the core sensitivity only politics and fight for your life will help you my dear Muslim friends may Allah give you ultimate realization to find other.” on this Indian Independence Day.

Sach News shared and broadcasted on YouTube Channel. See the complete video here 👇:

Desi Babu says: “Happy Independence Day to all True Indians who accept and embrace the great culture. Who doesn’t accept and still have problems here are free to move the other side? And May Lord Rama give some sense to all misguided people.”

On contrary, if we talk about the Indian Muslim reactions on Indian Independence Day, they are not so much criticizing, instead, they are celebrating Indian independence happily and sharing their expressions as: “I am proud to be an Indian Muslim.” and this can be easily observed in the following video:

Cinema Garage shared on YouTube Channel. See the complete video here 👇:

Ponnappa Cheppudira speaks from the Indian side especially and says that: “Unfortunately, there r many like him. This country gave shelter & environment for them to grow & prosper on our land & they still don’t accept the culture of our land. Very unfortunate. Manufactures & Spreads Lies, Poison & Hatred among people and enjoys a royal life”

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