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Beyond ‘Neo’ and ‘John Wick’, Keanu Reeves characters that revolutionized cinema

With his appearance in The Matrix in the early 2000s, Keanu Reeves became one of the best-known actors. Later, with the arrival of the John Wick saga, he stole the hearts of more viewers. However, Reeves’ artistic path goes beyond his roles as Neo and John Wick. 

Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut on September 2, 1964. His acting career began at the age of nine when he appeared in a stage production of Damn Yankees. Six years later, he would play Mercutio in a staging of Romeo. and Juliet at the Leah Posluns Theater, Ontario, Canada. At age 20, he moved to Los Angeles, where he would make his acting debut in an episode of Hangin ‘In and would also appear in popular commercials, such as one for the Coca-Cola company. 

‘River’s Edge’ 

His first appearance on the big screen was in the film Youngblood (1986). Initially he had minor roles until he received the proposal to give life to Matt in the film River’s Edge (1986) by Tim Hunter, which was acclaimed by critics for showing the problems that affected American adolescents. 

Saga ‘Bill & Ted’ 

After the success of Tim Hunter’s film, one of his most memorable roles would arrive as Ted the teenage rocker who traveled in time in the Bill & Ted saga. In 1991, the sequel Bill & Ted’s Fake Journey premiered and at the same time continued his stint in the comic films alongside Steve Martin in Parenthood. 


When talking about the trajectory of Keanu Revees, the Matrix trilogy cannot be missed. Neo and the films of the Wachowski sisters became an icon of pop culture and science fiction cinema. 

In 2019, it was announced that the fourth installment of the saga would be made.  


The first decade of the 2000s was an important stage in Keanu Reeves’ career. Without a doubt, his role as Constantine, in Francis Lawrence’s film of the same name, is one of the most recognized by critics. The film is based on the character from the DC Comics Hellblazer comics. 


‘John Wick’ 

For Keanu Revees, the murderer John Wick is one of the characters he has enjoyed playing the most: “John gets beat up very badly. Nothing stops him and he keeps fighting. You have that desire to move on. It is a metaphor, intensified and exaggerated, of the daily challenges for anyone ”, he explained in 2017.

Despite having such well-known roles, Keanu Reeves has said on multiple occasions that he was “down to earth”: “I’m a normal guy who enjoys what he does. My career has given me great opportunities, but my day to day is quite normal. I can go out to the street and move like anyone, “he commented in that same interview. 

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