Donald Trump & Central Park Five
Central Park Five and Donald Trump

Central Park Five & Donald Trump_Latest [August 2020]

Central Park Five & Donald Trump: In US news, Ken Burns plunked down with NowThis News to discuss the Central Park 5 case and how Donald Trump responded to it in 1989. The Central Park 5 alludes to Korey Wise, Antron McCray, Yuse Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Kevin Richardson who were sentenced for assaulting and beating a Central Park jogger Trisha Meili. After the assault, Donald Trump required capital punishment to be utilized on the Central Park 5.

The Central Park Five case was the subject of Sarah Burns’ book, later a Ken Burns’ narrative, and is presently being diverted into a Netflix arrangement from Ava DuVernay called When They See Us. In a Trump meet at that point, Trump said he ‘despises these individuals’ and accepted abhor would help complete things.

  • President Trump’s Tweet

One of the black people’s opinion is: “Narcissists never apologize, its one of their traits, they see no faults within themselves…and denial of everything “unless” it makes him look like the hero of course..!!”
Now I am going to share an earlier “Horrific” response of the President, Doland Trump. You can listen to his complete response in the following video 👇:

Just watched Central Park Five. They are children, siblings, companions and at the time 5 dark young people were railroaded into admitting to a homicide they never dedicated. Never comprehended why Trump needed them detained and even given passing corrective nature. Well, we realized children were black.

  • Trump Won’t Apologize

Trump calls his criminal companions “pleasant people”, He called genuine killers like Putin ” savvy, solid person” and he sends love letters to Kim Jong-Un who starves his own kin; But he can’t state that these 5 dark and Latino men ( then teenagers) are INNOCENT. The following video is the true presentation of this fact:

People say not only DNA but somebody confessed to the crime and had details that only the perpetrator would know, the death penalty has replaced lynchings..!!

I recall when this Central Park Five incident occurred. I recall Trump’s full-page paper promotions and meetings requiring capital punishment and expressing that he entryways them. I experienced the time. I experienced the time as a grown-up, not a youngster. I saw When They See Us and I read how individuals are furious that the arrangement is “Trump-slamming “! It isn’t! It is the essential fact of the matter!!

Additionally what Whoopi raised about Criminal Justice is likewise my careful point. His position on the CP5 has neither rhyme nor reason when he’s “battling for criminal equity change”. He needs to get guiltless individuals out of prison yet can’t concede that the CP5 are ACTUALLY honest WITH EVIDENCE??? Hmm

John McCain junior attempted to be smooth and paint this railroading of youthful individuals of color by a degenerate legal framework and degenerate cops as something in the far off past smh


In addition to the Central Park Five issue, President Trump: “Nobody’s done more for the Black community or the Hispanic community than we have. Nobody. Nobody. I guess maybe Lincoln.”

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