Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has condemned the decision of the French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo to publish blasphemous sketches.

In a video message on Radio Pakistan, the Foreign Minister said, "On behalf of myself and the entire Pakistani nation, I strongly condemn the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. The kind of sketches he published hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims."The Foreign Minister said that the people are enraged, unjustified action has been taken which is less to be condemned.Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, "We are seeing that Islamophobia, racism and xenophobia are on the rise in the world and Pakistan has pointed this out at every forum."He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had pointed this out at the last UN General Assembly and appealed to the world to reverse the trend which should be considered at the international level. How to prevent them from causing pain and hurt feelings.Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Pakistan is a democracy and democracy believes in expression but this freedom does not give license to hurt the feelings of the people.The Foreign Minister hoped that this would be remedied immediately at the international level and such trends would be rooted out.He said that the government of Pakistan had conveyed its concern to the French government through the ambassador.It should be noted that the French magazine, which was attacked in 2015, had announced to publish blasphemous sketches on Tuesday when the trial of the attack began.On the other hand, Shahbaz Sharif, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, also reacted to the announcement, saying, "No matter how much Charlie Hebdo's provocative act is condemned, it is not enough.""Freedom of expression does not give you a license to hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world," he said.Shahbaz Sharif further said that he has seen an unprecedented increase in the incidence of Islamophobia in the last few years.On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron said that there is freedom of expression in France and he could not rule on the decision of Charlie Hebdo to publish blasphemous sketches.However, during his visit to Lebanon, Macron said that French citizens have a responsibility to show civility, respect each other and avoid hatred.On the other hand, the Foreign Office also "strongly condemned" the decision of the French magazine.In a Twitter message, Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said the French magazine's decision was tantamount to undermining the global desire for peace and survival and a threat to social and interfaith harmony.In his tweet, he added that "Pakistan strongly condemns the decision of a French magazine to publish blasphemous sketches about the Prophet of Islam."Zahid Chaudhry added that "this deliberate act of hurting the feelings of billions of Muslims cannot be termed as freedom of expression".Pakistan strongly condemns French magazine's decision to republish blasphemous sketches"Pakistan strongly condemns the decision to republish the blasphemous sketches of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo," the Foreign Office said in a statement."This deliberate move to hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims around the world cannot be justified in the name of freedom of expression or freedom of the press," the statement said."Such a move undermines the global aspirations for peaceful coexistence as well as social and interfaith harmony," the Foreign Office spokesman said.It should be noted that 'Charlie Hebdo' had announced to republish the blasphemous sketches.According to foreign news agencies, the announcement was made by the French magazine a day before the start of the terror trial against the 14 suspects who provided weapons and transport facilities to the attackers in its Paris office in 2015.The magazine said it was encouraged by those who attacked its editorial staff to carry out the heinous act."These are part of history and history cannot be rewritten or erased," the magazine wrote in its editorial this week, publishing blasphemous sketches.On January 7, 2015, Charlie Hebdo's office was attacked by two brothers, killing 12 people, including the magazine's editor and five cartoonists.Initial reports said the attack took place after the magazine's Twitter account shared a photo of former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but al-Qaeda later claimed responsibility for the attack, citing the Prophet Muhammad. The publication of blasphemous sketches was reported.Charlie Hebdo first gained notoriety when he published blasphemous sketches in the Danish daily Jielands-Postan in February 2006, followed by Charlie Hebdo again in 2011.Protests erupted around the world over the publication of blasphemous sketches of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in a French magazine, followed by an attack on the magazine's office with incendiary substances, but no damage was done.

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