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Hottest temperature on Earth_Death Valley Recorded 130

The hottest temperature on Earth-Death Valley, California recorded a very high temperature on Sunday. The temperature recorded is 130 Degree Fahrenheit. According to the Meteorologist, it is the highest temperature on the earth after a century Whereas authorities are concerned about global warming.


  • The US weather service:

The US weather service has confirmed the weather of the valley as 130 considering it the hottest on the planet in a century. The previous highest temperature recorded in the valley was 129 Degree as the hottest in the world which is now broken according to the officials.



World Meteorological Organization and the U.S. National Climate Extremes Committee are examining the temperature. It is still not confirmed by them that the temperature actually hit that high or it is a false claim.

Randy Cerveny who is director of the World Meteorological Organization for extreme climate told that “Everything I’ve seen so far indicates that it is a legitimate observation”.

If the Sunday’s temperature is verified, it will break the previous record of the valley. The previous temperature recorded was 129 Degree which is broken by 130 Degree now.


  • Director of coverages Angeles:


Director of coverages Angeles says:

Earlier in 1913, the Valley’s temperature was recorded as 134 Degree Fahrenheit or 54 Degree celsius which is disputed. Many of the weather experts consider this as a false claim.

In 1931 Tunisia also recorded 131 Degree Fahrenheit or 55-degree celsius. The temperature was recorded during the colonial era that’s why experts raised the concern on its credibility.


According to the official, The temperature rise in Death Valley on Sunday is part of a heatwave hitting the West Coast of the U.S, which will be worse through Tuesday, CBS News warned the people.

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