Justin Bieber and Sexual Assault

Justin Bieber and Sexual Assault Allegation [June 2020], Know the Facts Here

“Justin Bieber and Sexual Assault”, it has become the top trending topic in the world. Everyone is talking about Justin Bieber and Sexual Assault on March 14, 2014. Is it real or not, time will define it, but comments and arguments are being issued by all the directions. It has become a top trend on Twitter, Youtube, and all other social media platforms. 2020 feels like a cleanse. All the bad is being outed and removed!

  • Justin Bieber says:

The more we go into depth and research, the more we hear ner things. Here is a new storyteller ruby,  who says much more than our expectations. The top fan and friend of Selena Gomez, Rubyy says that Selena was raped.

  • Rubyy says:

And it does not end there…

On the other hand, Justin Bieber says:

In the years that I’ve been in the fandom, I’ve read and heard so much shit about Justin and but wanting to involve him in rape is extreme, people have no limits.

The fans of Bieber say that: sorry I don’t believe that it sounds so made up. These days there are so many women saying ‘he took advantage of me’ This woman sounds like opportunist She wants his money so she can sip martinis somewhere on a beach all day btw I’m a woman

one of Selena Gomez friends, arty says :

  • Arty says:

According to the gabs • FAN ACCOUNT on twitter, a very active group, Says :

Justin Bieber is CANCELLED After shocking allegations with girls and fans spread through Twitter. It’s my opinion that I’ve heard that he’s been rude/mean to his fans but I was NOT expecting any of this.

I do feel really bad for the girls that have generally gone through this with any celebrity/influencer but also at the same time a lot of people in this generation would do anything for clout or attention from famous people. Just wait for the end. Time is the best Judge, it will make clear everything.

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