Claira Janover fired
Claira Janover fired

Latest Claira Janover fired over TikTok ‘stab threat’ 2020 news

Claira Janover fired over TikTok ‘stab threat’

The Harvard graduate fired over a TikTok video in which she threatened to “stab” anyone who told her “All Lives Matter” is now trying to raise cash online.

Claira Janover — who tearfully announced Wednesday that she had been fired amid the furor over her “analogous joke” video — updated her offending TikTok to include her Venmo details for donations.

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Remind me how you spell schadenfreude again.


Liability issue. If she goes on workplace shooting, massive damages due to her clear history of death threats.

This bitch ” Claira Janover ” is putting out video after vidoe on tiktok for sympathy
Becz she was fired from her job.
For posting hate & for saying ” I will stab white people ” 😂😂😂
Clout chaser got her ass fired 😂😂😂
Millennials 💩💩💩
#TikTok #BlackLivesMatter

Today we celebrate the inaugural cohort of #USBestManagedCompanies!

Dear Claira Janover, I’m sorry you weren’t taught there are consequences to spewing hate. Don’t blame conservatives for “getting hold of” your TikTok (I mean, you know how social media works, right?) and getting you fired. This is YOUR doing. Your responsibility. Grow up.

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Here we have Claira Janover from New Haven, CT. Ms. Janover just graduated in May from Harvard. At Harvard she heightened her use of the Queen’s English Language.

Listen to her vile, malicious, and venomous banter. Or maybe her threats, yes physical threats, towards anyone who states “All Lives Matter!”

Harvard should annul her degree and the Feds should lock her up!

Advocating, publicly, violence. May your digital footprint bring you to prison.


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