George Floyd protests
George Floyd protests

Live George Floyd protests all over world latest updates 2020

George Floyd protests all over world latest updates 2020

George Floyd protests watch on Youtube

George Floyd protests
George Floyd protests

Warning: Event was streamed live. There may be content disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

Protests in dozens of cities across the U.S. continued on Sunday following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN.

Video surfaced of Floyd, a Black man, gasping for air while a white police officer kneeled on his neck until he was unresponsive.

On Friday, the officer who was seen on video was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

CNN’s Nick Valencia reports live from inside the CNN Center in Atlanta where demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd have turned violent.


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Trump flees to bunker as protests over George Floyd rage outside White House

A San Jose police officer has been taken off the street and is now under an Internal Affairs investigation after video surfaced of him appearing to taunt protestors on Friday.

Actor Kendrick Sampson said he was shot seven times with rubber bullets by police in Los Angeles on Saturday during a protest over the death of George Floyd.

WATCH: Thousands of Londoners joined in worldwide protests over the death of George Floyd, gathering outside the U.S. embassy.

😡😡 A crew of white cops brutally arrests a black man with a knee on his neck & a beatdown after the #GeorgeFloyd protest in #Philly tonite

BREAKING: Reports of a tiger on the loose near the Oakland Zoo, unclear if incident is related to protests.


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All the footage on CNN, MSNBC and Fox is of burning cars, clearly intended to portray protesters a certain way. In Minneapolis last night we saw many scenes like this one though, protesters helping each other, and supported by many local businesses. .


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My Prayer for Minneapolis
Lord, I write this after days of unrest, of anger, and of fear in our city. A day where the people have cried out and revolted in response to systematic, sinful, and evil racism. God, please let your holy spirit surround us in this time of hatred and destruction, so that we may find peace in knowing that you are the judge, inherently GOOD, and that you will justify the RIGHTEOUS, who walk with you and endure the trials, oppression, and sin in the world. God, please watch over the people risking their lives to fight for what they believe in, and those risking their lives to restore order.
Please allow us to LOVE each other and not to hate, judge, or harm one another. You taught us true love by sending your son Jesus Christ, so allow us to practice this true love and harness our hope and faith in you in this time of darkness in our world. I pray for George Floyd and his family and for justice. For the impacted communities, businesses, families, and individuals subjected to the rioting. I pray for Minneapolis, our country, and the world to come together in faith, to rid ourselves of racism and sin, to restore peace, and enact CHANGE.



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EN VIDEO| Disturbios y carros quemados cerca de la Casa Blanca en pleno toque de queda 🇺🇸||⠀

La rabia desatada en el país tras la muerte el lunes en Minneapolis de George Floyd a manos de un policía blanco se extendió rápidamente a todo el país, desde Miami hasta las cercanías de la Casa Blanca en Washington⠀

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