Mexico earthquake 2020
Mexico earthquake in June 2020

A 7.4 magnitude Mexico Earthquake 2020

On June 23, 2020,  A 7.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in Mexico. The quake did not cause much loss of life or property, but five people lost their lives. Many people believe that 2020 has been very different from the rest of the years and there are a lot of strange things happening in it. Some people strongly believe in it and some people call it a work of nature. Whatever the truth, but indeed many events in 2020.

If we Mention a few of these cases, then the top coronavirus is, the return of the United States arms from Afghanistan and now there is an earthquake in Mexico. Without further wait, let me show you some videos that people made during the earthquake in Mexico and there was a lot of panic and fear in them.


  • Earthquake Video


  • Earthquake areas in View

Let me now show you a glimpse of the picture of the earthquake in Mexico.

Perhaps 2020 is shaping up to be one of the worst years in human history and we’re only halfway through the year. What’s next war, starvation, alien invasion.

says: “I was in vacation in Mexico visiting family I was sleep until I heard from my dad earthquake I went downstairs I wasn’t near big spot but I thought the house I was in gonna collapsed on me”

The quake affected not only the people of Mexico but also the people of Japan. Because they believe that if the earthquake hit Mexico today, it could happen in Japan, so they are preparing for it…One of them says: “I wish everyone is okay. I live in Japan, and we have a lot of earthquakes too This could happen in Japan anytime so I guess I have to prepare”.⚡

It would not be wrong for them to think and believe this because the correct interpreter is pictured below:

O God, protect us from such calamities and keep us in Your shelter.

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