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Minecraft Nether Update-Know Details [June-2020]

Minecraft Nether Update has been launched. Minecraft officially shared it on their tweeter account: “Gather your courage, then gather some more: the Nether Update starts rolling out on Java and Bedrock today!”. I love these Minecraft animation trailers, there just so fun and expressive.

While Xbox has not lagged behind anyone and they have just aired the entire trailer on their YouTube channel. According to the Xbox official :

Some Minecraft lovers say All this year in Minecraft and I can’t still unsee Steve smiling. Diamond armor you will forever be the best in my books and why was this the most entertaining Minecraft trailer I’ve ever seen.🤟.One of them says: “Man I started playing this game when I was in kindergarten on my kindle. Now I’m going to high school and playing it on my Xbox.”.

It’s legit. They make it look so easy. I think it’s time to officially return Steve’s beard. If only there were dungeon style endless mob waves like that in the actual game. As you can see, they have been updated and they have been added so many features to it. Now What’re your features for which you were waiting? My favorite feature is the new Netherite gear. Nephrite adds more work to my world! Bastion remnants are also cool..! Wow! I like the nephrite armor. Diamond armor you will forever be the best in my books. All this year in Minecraft and I can’t still unsee Steve smiling.🤣

That lil huge battle at the end should’ve been an event that could happen. Call it the onslaught. And probably When series x comes out the graphics will look as good as the trailer which will be amazing.

To enjoy the game same as shown, Install the shader and texture pack and boom, it’ll look exactly like in the trailer.

Enjoy..!!! 🎮 🕹️

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