Shark attack

Shark attack to a Woman at Maine BAILEY[July 2020]

Shark attack to a Woman at Maine BAILEY ISLAND: Bailey Island recorded its first shark attack when a woman was swimming along the shores. Officials found a woman dead when they rescued a woman. This is the first time that anyone was attacked by a shark.

The report was published by:

1. CBS 13 NEWS
2. Taylor Gleason


All the shore was made clear and the public is being stopped by the officials until further notice. Officials have warned all the peoples to be careful and to avoid visiting there.

  • Taylor Gleason

The incident was taken place on Monday and the coast guard tried to rescue a woman but two kayakers took the victim on the shores but she was dead at that time. Witnesses recorded their stance on the attack said the victim was swimming near the sails lane and they heard the sound of her and rushed and taken to the shores.

Marine petrol police said that the woman who was killed by a shark attack has been identified named Julie Dimperio Holowach, She is 63-year-old lives in New York City.

Marine petrol police issued notice to all swimmers and boaters to avoid being near to schooling fish and seals until the next update from the officials.


  • NECN

NECN New England Cable News; NBC Owned Television Stations shared that: ” Yesterday’s attack by a great white shark at Maine’s Bailey Island was the first deadly shark attack in the state, authorities said. The victim was 20 yards from shore.”

Some people believe that it is a Proof of global warming. Warmer water temp up to such far north bring the shark here! in last,

So sad! My heart & prayers go out to this family.

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