UK rocket launch
UK rocket launch

Space X rocket launch View over UK Tonight [June 2020]

TONIGHT Watch a rocket launch LIVE – Then see it fly over the UK the same evening! JUST USING YOUR EYES! According to Cheshire Live, Bringing you round the clock news, sport, weather and traffic updates from Chester and Cheshire seven days a week, a huge channel for information  sharing, also announced about a rocket launch and they say: “SpaceX is launching another rocket from the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral tonight carrying 60 Starlink satellites.”



VirtualAstro, famous for Astronomy, Space, Science, and more! Making Stargazing fun, easy and enjoyable for all. Follow for Space Station pass alerts, Night sky info, Nature & more, officially announced on their twitter account that: “TONIGHT Watch a rocket launch LIVE – Then see it fly over the UK the same evening! JUST USING YOUR EYES!”

The first pass at 22:00 will be tricky to see then Yh? That’s why our best bet is at 23:30-23:35

AmericaSpace is a famous channel of America, they also posted the video on their YouTube channel and mentioned that: “A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft lifts off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 30, 2020, carrying NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the International Space Station for the agency’s SpaceX Demo-2 mission. Liftoff occurred at 3:22 p.m. EDT. Behnken and Hurley are the first astronauts to launch from U.S. soil to the space station since the end of the Space Shuttle Program in 2011. Part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program will be SpaceX’s final flight test, paving the way for the agency to certify the crew transportation system for regular, crewed flights to the orbiting laboratory”. Video is here:

And obviously, this is awesome thanks for this. I also love watching compilations of live videos from bystanders watching nearby
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