Tesla Announces 5_for_1 Stock Split

Tesla Stock_ Exciting announcement tesla gave 5-For-1 Stock Split on Aug 11, 2020. Tesla announced a stock split coming on Aug 28, 2020. This Will turn your $TSLA shares into 5 shares. This is known as a 5-for-1 stock split. Tesla’s 5:1 stock split will impact the company in small yet big ways. If you are investing in TSLA you may want to know how this works. I also share my opinion and analysis on how I think this will impact Tesla’s stock. this will answer your possible question of does a stock split affect my investment. A 5 for 1 stock split is exciting yet worrisome and I Hope that Elon musk and the board took it all into consideration. Elon has made interesting decisions in the past and I hope that this tesla split made more good science then bad.

Tesla Stock Split News:

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    CNBC News:
    CNBC, First in business worldwide, announced officially on their twitter account that: “Tesla announces a five-for-one stock split

Tesla Daily:

Tesla Daily announced In their YouTube channel that:

➤ Tesla has announced a 5 for 1 stock split on TSLA stock: analyzing the impacts

➤ What happens to TSLA shares in a stock split? What happens to TSLA options in a stock split?

➤ Does the TSLA stock split have anything to do with TSLA getting into the S&P 500?

➤ Should Tesla have split their stock? Was 5 for 1 the right split?

He also said: “I meant to mention in the video: this will not change the value of shares that would need to be purchased by index funds tracking the S&P 500 upon possible inclusion. Based on a float-adjusted market cap, it would still need to be about $40B worth of shares. So instead of 26M shares before, it will just be 130M shares after the split.”

One thing people aren’t mentioning is employee compensation. Vesting schedules and bonuses are typically converted in whole amounts. This helps employees at all levels get maximum ownership opportunities which is good for business.
wouldn’t it be nice if the stock splits and then eventually in the years to come goes back up to $1500 or more? I want everyone that invests to be successful, as I hope for it myself as well. Good luck everyone! Thanks for the news also!!

Below is the video for complete information on “Tesla announces five-for-one stock split”.

Awesome and very insightful updates👍👏🏻✌ Well I will also say this here. No doubt, the life we all live today should not just be based on one-sided income. For me, I grew up as a business-minded person mostly when it comes to digital investment. and now it seems that Finally Google and Amazon need to split their stocks too. Guess they want these young millennial avocado eaters to start picking up more stocks on Robinhood more power to them….make my stock go up to boys. I said it last week after Apple split. I Said Hope one day for Tesla as and Amazon. When you make the right decisions and take the right steps in stock trading the chances of losing your funds become slimmer and almost impossible especially when you invest with a broker as good as Sir Charles Connor my broker. Some people are speaking in aggressiveness that I do not give financial advice. Anybody who needs a piece of a financial advisor shouldn’t be investing on their own. Send your money to some retirement plan and forget about them for the next 20 years.

Autonomous Trading Live Breaks Tesla Investors Record on Stock Split.


The problem I see with fractional shares, taking Robinhood as an example, is if you buy fractional shares and if you want to switch to another brokerage, you cant transfer those fractional shares. You are essentially locked to the broker from which you bought the fractional shares. This is why whole shares are much better IMO. I don’t like the thought of being locked into one specific broker. Thoughts? just takes me back to march when Robinhood had their glitches if that happens again, I don’t think I would like to stay with them, might want to switch to another broker at that point.

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