Former Liberty University
Former Liberty University

Today’s News The Former Liberty University student says Becki Falwell initiated sexual encounter, Politico reports 2020

Former LU student says Becki Falwell initiated the sexual encounter, Politico reports viral tweets on Twitter 2020

“The Former Liberty University student says, You don’t want to cover up those killer eyes of yours and you know the bandana drives me wild.”

“You don’t want to cover up those killer eyes of yours and you know the bandana drives me wild … 🙂”

Former LU student says Becki Falwell initiated the sexual encounter, Politico reports Viral posts on Instagram 2020


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Former Liberty University student says Becki Falwell initiated the sexual encounter, Politico reports Viral Videos on Youtube 2020

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A former Liberty University student and friend of Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki Falwell’s son Trey told Politico that Mrs. Falwell performed oral sex on him after band practice in 2008 when he spent the night at the Falwell residence. Politico reports: “The student was 22 at the time of the encounter, near the start of Liberty’s fall semester. He said she initiated the act, and he went along with it. But despite his rejection of further advances, he said, Falwell continued pursuing him, offering him gifts and engaging in banter through Facebook messages.”She was the aggressor,” according to the former student. The student said he hadn’t heard from Becki for more than eight years until this week when she texted him “to say hello, and commiserate over the controversy that an engulfed her family.”The student said he hadn’t come forward with his story earlier “because he suffered from feelings of guilt and depression, feared exposure, and didn’t want to cause harm to the Falwell family.”Another student backed up the story. Politico also published screenshots of Becki Falwell’s flirtations with the student “that went beyond what might be expected of a mother communicating with her son’s bandmate.”The Falwell’s have released a statement in response to the story: “It is unfortunate that the coverage of our departure has turned into a frenzy of false and fantastic claims about us. These false and mean spirited lies have hurt us and our family greatly and we will respond fully with the truth at an appropriate time. At this time, however, we think it is best to move on and help the Liberty community focus on its very bright future…”Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned as president of Liberty University this week after Giancarlo Granda, a former “pool boy” at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, spoke out about a 7-year affair he said he had with the couple in which he would have sex with Becki Falwell and Jerry would watch. All data is taken from the source: Article Link:…

Source: WSLS 10

On Monday, Reuters published an interview with Giancarlo Granda, who told the news organization about his years-long sexual relationship with Becki Falwell, Jerry’s wife.

Source: Worldwide News

A Liberty University graduate claims Becki Falwell, the wife of the disgraced school head Jerry Falwell Jr. performed oral sex on him when he was a student in 2008, according to a report. The graduate made the allegations in an interview with POLITICO, telling the publication the sexual encounter was initiated by Becki Falwell and occurred in a guest bedroom at the Falwell’s Virginia home.“She was the aggressor, ” the former student told the outlet. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, was 22 at the time and had been in a band with the Falwell’s oldest son, Trey Falwell, routinely practicing at an abandoned church next on Falwell’s property. Leading up to the sexual encounter, which the student said occurred in either August or September, Becki Falwell, a then-employee of Liberty University, allegedly flirted with him and made at least one prior advance in the same guest room.“One night [in August or September], we were up till one or two, and we went back to [Trey’s] room. We had a decent amount of Jack Daniels, ” the former student told Politico. From there, the student recalled, he went into the guest room, which was adjacent to Trey’s, to go to sleep.“I’m laying in the bed and I hear, like, giggling to the side of me on the floor. And, pardon my French, but I was like, ‘What the fu– is that? ’ I look over and it’s Becki, ” he said.“Just, you know, in my room. I’m like, ‘You can’t be in here. This can’t happen. ’” The student said Becki Falwell left, but a few nights later after late band practice, she came back again and went further, climbing into his bed and performing oral sex.“I was like, ‘uh, what are you doing? ” the former student said. Following the encounter up until December 2008, the former student said Becki Falwell barraged him with calls and Facebook messages, the tones of which ranging from flirtatious to apologetic. The student provided Politico with screenshots of the notes. In one message, Becki Falwell tells the student, “I think that you are beautiful just like you are, ” in response to a mutual female friend wanting him to cut his bangs.“You don’t want to cover up those killer eyes of yours and you know the bandana drives me wild …
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