Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers In New York City

There are cluster of fine photographers in NYC metro but here are the Top 10 best wedding photographers in NYC on the behalf of true professional approach at wedding photographer according to the list;

The first one is:

Matthew Sowa (Male)


Makeup Photo
Source: Instagram


By virtue Methew is an immigrant who shakes the industry by winning lots of awards, With his matchless capture and style of Poland and America. More than a 6×10^2 wedding events on his way in field. He provides his lover an inner peace and amusement of satisfaction.


Olya Vysotskaya (Female)


Old Style Photo
Source: Instagram


Another award wining candidate in wedding photographer. She keeps her expertise in hard and soft light. Her portrait depicts romantic emotions of couple. Those who appreciate the emotions in action always attached whole life with her. Any wedding needs assistance, They almost keep connectivity with her. Her film shorts are really exclusive too.

Dave Paek (Male)


Girl Photo
Source: Instagram

He lives in his own world; Where his way of capturing is a different kind of love. Ocean photography and in double exposure shoots are his rare works. His art need lot of space or your wall.

Dave’s art is for worldwide photo lovers; his focusing and frame work in the most unlikely ways are incredible.

Petronilla Lugemva (Female)


Enjoying Couple
Source: Instagram


Petronilla Lugemva born in Uganda and lives Zimbabwe at Alabama. She having a business degree. She believes that there is no rocket science to capture romantic, beautiful photographs in wedding events. She successfully running one of the top ten wedding photograph studio in NYC metro.

She learns more about multi – cultural creative sense from her background. This secret helps her and others in specializing in global village.

Emin Kuliyev (Male)


Nice Click
Source: Instagram


Emin’s unique work setup a panorama for his lovers. Multi talented creative photographs entertained everyone. Thats why award managing body focus there lens on him. Emin’s photographs have a long list of awards and huge portfolio of follower.

Elizabeth Lloyd (Female)

Yes girl Photo
Source: Instagram


She experienced from two major cities NYC and Mexico. Her travel emerge the sense of creativity in photography and right direction of diversity. She has a fine art of highlighting the selected locations by the couples. Her photojournalistic sense really works fantastic in the NYC. According to critics she still on the 6th in  top ten in NYC metro.

Sergey Lapkovsky (Male)


Close Couple Photo
Source: Instagram


A NYC base photographer of wedding event capturing in a amazing way. Then his name anyone will see in top 100 wedding events worldwide ranks. ISPWP (International Society Of Professional Wedding Photographers) appreciates his remarkable work in all over the world. Locations and framing always hits thinker’s next level.

Priyanca Rao (Female)

Laughing Girl
Source: Instagram


Priyanca Rao is An Indian base American. The blend of Eastern touch in western society wedding. She offers her client not only the capturing but a full package of catering to her Indian clients. Her dominating qualities. She offers suite packages to particularly her Indian clients. The rich cultural traditions take the tongue of photograph then this mixture liked by the others all over the world.

Todd Laffler


Source: Instagram


He believes in his creative work of capturing. That’s why Instagram page in his profile. No one can observe his own pic. He is on the capturing vibe track of his profession. He raises his own slogans ” different… you”.

His off – beat funny pics makes his followers mad about his craze of photography. Industry attract by his work.. NYC is noted him as good candidate for wedding photographs.

Danette Pascarella (Female)

Source: Instagram


Perfectionism is ended on her in wedding event capturing not only NYC lover her but New Jersey too. Evenly and particularly recaptions are incomplete with her. Because her give fine life to the events. Wedding ceremonies become a memorandum for the whole family. Danette’s client become his ambassador.

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