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Chris D. Jackson, he is a Dad, Husband, Local Elected Official, Fmr. State Director, Fmr. Dem. Party Chair, Animal Rescuer, Sports Fan, Science Believer, Team, says: “JoeBiden says he’d like a real-time fact-checking service broadcast during the debates due to the volume of Trump’s lies: “I’d love to have a crawler across the screen, a fact-checker.” Hell yes! Who agrees?”

Hi Amy, lost my mom to brain tumors from lung cancer 4 yrs ago & losing a parent mentally is horrific & sorry 4 ur loss. I wouldn’t blame her death on Covid if infected by it. She was terminal anyway. Dimentia is terminal too but medicine won’t rule it as such b/c it takes longer


The Trump War Room is managed by the 2020 campaign and is dedicated to highlighting President Trump’s accomplishments and #PromiseMadePromiseKept! That’s not all though. The Trump War Room also fights back against the and highlights the outrageous socialist policies Democrats are pushing. Follow the Trump War Room’s other social media accounts for the latest updates on the media’s partisan attacks and President Trump’s winning, America-First Agenda.

No to a screen crawler reporting the lies. That will just be ignored by MAGAs- they are there for the show. It must be a live fact checker, in real time, not reporting later. Stop the debate and report the lie.


ABSOLUTELY! And NO audiences. And no Chuck Todd. The debates should have a 15 minute time delay. The screen shot shd be on the candidates at all times, maybe a 3 shot. This way we can see the reactions to ?s & more importantly- the candidates’ reaction when called out on lies.

Not just a crawler across screen – we need a live person fact checking & the lies need to be called out for a response. This should be a normal part of any debate going forward.


This bullet point appears to be the key. Thank you for the clarification, Daniel.

Will speed reading lessons be provide first? The Trump fact checking crawler will fly by really damn fast. Maybe we can have a go over Trumps face with buzzer (think game show) every time he lies (which mean continuous

Daniel Dale, Reporter for CNN, fact-checking the president and other politicians.. Here’s a clear statement from the CDC mortality statistics chief Bob Anderson on the actual facts about the statistic the president and others are grossly misusing:
Note that most of the people who say they are going to vote for Trump are only high school graduates or less. No wonder Trump says he loves the poorly educated.
It’s simpler for me. My Mom had a number of underlying factors but she wasn’t going to die in July until she got Covid-19 in her nursing home. I had months or years to be with her. To misuse the data in this way disrespects what she went through and how she died.
Fox News’ Chris Wallace to moderate first Trump-Biden pres. debate. WTH selects these moderators? I believe each candidate should have the option to select their moderators. Hope Wallace AKA Granny hits Biden with tough questions. Anyone from CNN or MSNBC, should be disqualified.
that one and “may also include acute conditions that occurred as a result of COVID-19, such as pneumonia and respiratory failure” since those ARE the most frequently cited contributing factors in the data.
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