george washington statue
George Washington statue

Why George Washington’s statue was treated so badly? [2020]

Few hours ago, an unbelievable sceen came to existance when angry protesters badly treated to George Washington’s statue. Remember after the tearing down of Confederate statues in 2016 when Trump said: They’re going to tear down statues of Washington and Jefferson next and everyone called him crazy?. Moreover, people seem to say now They have no idea how good life is for them in this country. They are spoiled, ungrateful, and unrepentant. They shame themselves as they attempt to shame our country. I do not pity them…..just disdain for their actions. What did their parents do to them in the formative years that allowed them to foment such hatred within their souls? Was doing this with George Washington statue right ?


Just as predicted, Antifa and BLM have now come for the founding fathers. Most of the People say: when the hell are we going to start fighting back, all the talking heads that say “we are better than that  BS it’s time to stop these fools. They even painted Gen. Kosciuszko statue in D.C. not knowing who the guy was and in fact, he decided to spend most of his money earned during the American Revolutionary War to free and educate slaves.


Seeing shit like this makes me think we are in end times. The American 250-year dynasty is crumbling from within. It started with erasing God, then the school system was poisoned by leftist ideology, now the media and politicians are as well. Perhaps such bad treating to George Washington statue is not fair.


In reaction, People are saying: I hate to tell you this, but we own and use slaves even today. Ever buy something made in China or India? They were made there because the labor is far cheaper there than here and that is why companies relocate there, for cheap labor. Essentially, it is slave labor.


According to Mangi: “Washington was a slave owner. I think they’re treating his statue a lot better than they treated slaves.”

And Dan Bongino says: “Apparently sleeping in a drive-through on private property, resisting arrest, violently attacking police officers, stealing their taser, & firing that taser at them at close range while fleeing, meets the liberal criteria for “cooperating” with law enforcement. THIS IS INSANITY!”


Perhaps Erasing history does not change it; facing it, acknowledging it, being forgiven for it if needed, and remembering it is the way to not repeat it. Talking in detail Washington and Jefferson didn’t want their inherited slaves and both abhorred slavery. However, Virginia Law prevented them from releasing them, and not wishing to sell them into something worse they worked behind the scenes to help abolish slavery.

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