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Zoom FIXED Its Partial Outage[Aug 2020]

Zoom Outage Fixed: The famous video-conferencing application experienced a partial outage in the United state on Monday morning, affecting the online schooling, conferences, and court proceedings.

The zoom has reported the issue early in the morning at 9 am ET from most of the parts of the country. The users were unable to open the website and they were unable to join the meetings. 

  • Zoom outage was confirmed

Zoom has confirmed and told the users about the partial breakdown of their services and assured the users that they will resolve this issue very soon. They advised users to wait for the update.

Zoom has said on the media that “They are getting reports of outages from the many users from different parts of the country and we are working very closely to resolve the issues”.

According to the Zoom authority, they have resolved the Zoom outage issue just after 1:00 pm ET, and users can visit the website and start their routine work and can get services as before.

  • Zoom Apologised to its users

Zoom authority has provided updates to its users’ time by time. They worked very closely to resolve the issues completely. Zoom services were restored in a couple of hours but there were many users who still were getting problems. But now, Fortunately, this issue was resolved successfully. They confirmed this through the tweet.

  • Service restored after some hours

Next, they have confirmed the full restoration of all their services. They said users can now access the webinars and meetings without any trouble and difficulty and they are working on the individual issues.

Zoom has also apologized to its user on the misconduct of their services and for the difficulties faced by them. They said sorry to the users for the hurdles they have faced. The services were fully restored  and zoom officials confirmed through twitter.

  • Zoom was not full down

Not every person was influenced by this blackout. A few clients mentioned that their Zoom calls were working. Others said they couldn’t get into their consistently planned Zoom gatherings. Some were unable to access the website. 

Since the company’s massive spike in users, everyone working from home during the pandemic, Zoom has claimed some 300 million daily meeting participants. Many schools and colleges, courts and business meetings, friends meet up and gatherings, conducted online, much of them use a zoom.

  • CEO of Zoom took the responsibility

Eric S. Yuan the founder and SEO of  Zoom_us himself apologized to the users at the end and owned responsibility. He assured that in the future they will try to prevent this type of Zoom outage.

Zoom says it has found some issue and is chipping away at a fix. This was officially reported by CBS Philly on their YouTube channel. You can listen to the complete issue type and solution below:



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